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Besta™ Hollowcore Panel is a superior non-combustible construction material with wide-ranging application in all types of commercial and residential projects. As a patented product that revolutionises traditional dry wall construction, it can save up to two-third of construction time, reduce 50% of the total weight, and save 30% - 40% of the total construction cost.

The hollowcore feature facilitates the ease of installing the plumbing & electrical conduits with minimum cutting. It provides a hard, long lasting surface with the look and feel of hard cement plastering, and is fireproof and resistant to damage from water, humidity, freezing, termites, chlorine, salt and more.


Fire Resistant
Water Resistant
Impact Resistant
Mold Resistant
Termite Resistant

Freeze Thaw Resistant

Better Sound Insulation
Enhanced Thermal Insulation


Easy to Install
Manpower Saving

Ease of Handling


Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2)
Fiber Glass Mesh
Foaming Agent


External Wall
Internal Partition
Fireproof &
Sound Proofing Application

Fire resistance based on 90mm
thickness > 4 hours

Ease of running conduits

Tongue and groove for easy alignment

Category Thickness Standard Size Remarks
Besta™ Hollowcore Panel 90mm / 120mm / 150mm 2800mm x 600mm Other sizes are available


1 Density 400 kg/m3
2 Moisture Content ≤ 10 %
3 Water Resistance softening coefficient ≥ 0.80
4 Thermal Linear Thermal Shrinkage 0.2mm/m
5 Bending strength ≥ 3.5 Mpa
6 Acoustics Airborne Sound transmission loss ≥ 35dB
7 Non Combustible Grade A
8 Toxicity None
9 Recyclable Yes
10 Fire Resistance Up to 3 hours


1. Fire Resistant 4. Thermal Insulation 7. Termite Resistant 10. Easy To Install
2. Water Resistant 5. Impact Resistant 8. Freeze Thaw Resistance 11. Manpower Saving
3. Sound Insulation 6. Mold Resistant 9. Non Toxic 12. Cost Saving