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Besta™ ALC PANEL (Floor)

Besta™ ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete) Panel is a sustainable green building material for simple and effective construction. These panels are made of cement, lime, gypsum and aluminum additives that help create bubbles within, hence making the panel lighter and thermal efficient.
The tongue and groove of these panels makes the joint more secure and tight in terms of water leakage and with its lightness in weight, makes the installation easier and faster.

Low Contamination

Besta™ ALC Panels are produced with precision, only allowing for a 1.0 mm tolerance for length, height and width. This level of precision makes it possible to avoid cracking by way of coating thin mortar and putty.

Dry Construction

Installation is a dry and continuous process, and not as restrictive as that of masonry or bricks, thus enhancing the speed of construction. Using a special adhesive on the joints allows dry surface panels to achieve adhesion. ALC surface can be directly coated with plastering putty/skim coating and ready to achieve painting finishes.

Fire Resistance

Besta™ ALC Panels constitute inorganic and non-combustible materials, and is an ideal Class A fireproof construction material. A 100mm thick wall can resist fire for as long as 4 hours. With the presence of bubbles in the panel, thermal conductivity is high and heat is migrated slowly. In the event of fire incident, ALC panels will not release any smoke or toxic gas. Even a 50mm panel can effectively resist and prevent the spread of fire, and protect the structure from the impact of the fire. Compared to traditional forms of build, it is a safer, more economical and reliable system for energy conservation and heat insulation.


Fire Resistant

Water Resistant
Impact Resistant
Mold Resistant
Termite Resistant

Freeze Thaw Resistant

Better Sound Insulation
Enhanced Thermal Insulation
Easy to Install
Manpower Saving

Ease of Handling




External Wall,
Fire Wall (up to 4 hrs)
Internal/Partition Wall,
Floor, Roof, Fencing,
Column Wrapping


Fire Proof

Sound Proof

Product Range & Dimensions

The autoclaved aerated Lightweight concrete panel comes in typical size of 100mm thick x 600mm wide, with various lengths used for outside wall, inner wall, floor and roof. Table below shows typical panel dimensions.

Panel Width (mm) Length (mm)
Wall Panel 100mm thick 600 2700; 2850; 3000; & custom length
Floor Panel 100mm thick 600 2000; 2200; & custom length

Product Range & Dimensions

NO. Product Specificationmm Requirement
1 External wall panel 6000 600 200 Groove
2 6000 600 175
3 5750 600 150
4 4690 600 125
5 3750 600 100
6 6000 600 100-200
7 Internal wall panel 6000 600 150
8 5050 600 125
9 4250 600 100
10 3000 600 75

Remark:Minimum Length 600mm ,unite change 10mm

Physical Features of ALC Panel

Lightweight :

Specific Gravity: 0.5

The dry specific gravity of NALC Panel is 0.5, which is ¼ of common concrete and 1/3 of hollow brick. It may deduct the self-weight of building, cut down the cost at base and frame, and improve the construction quality.

Heat Insulation :

Heat Conductivity 0.13W/m·k

A lot of micro air holes inside ALC Panels form a static air layer in the material and make the heat inductivity 0.11w/m.k only, which is 1/10 of common concrete. The function of heat preservation of ALC panel of 125mm thick is the same with 370mm thick wall of clay bricks.

Sound Insulation :

41-48dB Penetration Loss (Rate of Sound Insulation)

A lot of micro air holes inside ALC Panel can absorb and insulate the noise outside constructions. It can be used as Sound Barrier to supply a silent and comfortable living environment.

Non Radioactivity :

Radioactive Rate 12γμ/h

Tested by authority department, ALC panel is a non radioactive environment-protective construction material.

Fire-Resistance :

Fire-resistance 4 Hours

With a low rate of heat conductivity, ALC panel can prevent fire effectively, and protect the structure from fire damage.